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  • The demonstration of your tool was extremely helpful to verify two things in our thinking: - We had chosen the right KPIs and the right amount of KPIs (not too many, not too few) - The visualization of the inter-dependency between KPIs is key to help people understand the various trade offs in the S&OP process. Andreas Werner, Unilever, Switzerland
  • "Minutes after uploading the data into Argo EnGen I began to view company wide performance in a different way, identifying relationships between financial indicators that we never related to one another but provide a powerful insight into root problems, not symptoms. It was easy to take action with only one report identifying weak spots and recommendations to fix the problems at the root cause quickly, and who needed to take action”. Russ Wong, CFO, Lexmark Canada
  • "I immediately saw a high level comprehensive view of the company’s overall performance and what every department had to do in a completely unbiased report. You certainly look and approach information in a different way after using Argo EnGen software. It’s quick and to the point.” Peggy Woo, CFO, ICOM
  • "Guillermo Cardoso has contributed significantly to our business consulting knowledge and techniques. He has lectured several times at our management consultants' training program, and has invariably made a significant impact in their professional outlook and skills. We plan to continue collaborating with Guillermo; his sharpness of thought and his ability to home-in on key issues while assessing a company's performance is remarkable. We still have a lot to learn from him and his company." PhD. Ricardo Arechavala Vargas Director Business Administration Division University of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • They worked diligently, patiently and collaboratively on a first-ever analysis that unearthed new insights into North American consumers' behaviors. The analysis helped ICOM debunk clients'' misunderstanding of their consumers' buying behavior. The result is that ICOM's client companies now have clear, helpful guidelines on how to attract and keep specific types of targeted consumers more efficiently and effectively. Steven Litt Marketing Manager, ICOM